My Life as E (And an Unexpected Videographer)

Often people ask me what I do for a living, and it’s not always easy to explain. Right now, I’m helping my sister to navigate all aspects of her career. (If you’ve seen Entourage, I’m basically the sports equivalent of E.) I help her through her decision making process like a business coach, keep track of partnerships and finances like a manager, coordinate travel and scheduling like a personal assistant, monitor deadline execution and flow like a project manager, and analyze social media analytics like a marketer (among many other things). Plus, on top of all that, I get to work with and learn from Paige’s incredible agent, Jeremy Aisenberg, and his team at Octagon (oh hey Ohan, Nicole, Alyssa, and Katie). Their experience in cultivating strategic partnerships and closing meaningful deals is second to none, and I am so grateful Paige chose to put her future in their hands.

But perhaps my favorite and most unexpected job responsibility has become videographer. Thanks to my trusty Nikon D3300, experience hustling as a content creator at startups/nonprofits, plus my highly developed skill of casually lurking in the background (can you lurk and not be a creep?), turns out I’m the perfect person to catch candid footage.

Check out Team Paige’s most recent video below from our trip to South Korea last October!

(Music by the incredible Joshua T Mitchell – thank you!)


February Travel + The Best Gift Ever (HINT: It’s a Pressure Cooker)

I started writing this post by talking about how February has been the first month in a long time where I haven’t traveled – but then I realized that’s definitely not true. I guess that’s what happens when having a whole month between trips seems like an eternity! Josh and I spent a week in Arizona with my family for the Waste Management Phoenix Open (Not familiar? See here, here, and here.) followed by three days in San Francisco for one of my best friend’s engagement party at The Commissary in the Presidio (AMAZING FOOD AND COCKTAILS) followed by an afterparty at the SF Athletic Club (BATHTUB OF BEER).

And while we had an amazing time on vacation, there’s one thing I received recently that, dare I say it, rivals the trip in terms of my enjoyment… and that thing… is… A PRESSURE COOKER! Yes, a pressure cooker, or more accurately a “Fagor Lux Multicooker” that my dad loves so much that he and my mom bought me one for Valentine’s Day (thanks $99 + free shipping Sur La Table sale!). I’ve used it almost every day since, and sometimes twice a day…


I mean come on, you can cook risotto in 7min without any stirring?! Plus, soon after I got it, GOOP sent out an email that said I just HAD to have this exact same model of multicooker, so now I’m basically Gwyneth Paltrow…

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The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Overlooking the Black Canyon.
Overlooking the Black Canyon.

This past weekend Josh and I decided to conquer the almost six hour drive up to the Telluride area to see some family. It was great! But also I could really use a nice massage. Although we were only there for less than 48 hours, we sure did pack in a lot of excitement, the most picturesque of which was the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Here are a few snapshots from our mini vacation. (or is it still a staycation?)

More photos after the jump!

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How to Enjoy Lots of Business Travel

After the conclusion of the Olympics I started a new job at a sports software company called fuseSPORT. And while I generally enjoy traveling, I was gone for 13 out of my first 23 days on the job – it’s very hectic due to the fact that I was also still completing my training and working my day to day on top of being in conference and event mode!

Life Goal: Look at glamorous as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the airport.

My new boss and I (after knowing each other for a week) spent 10 days pretty much joined at the hip, followed by a brief break and then another 3 days on the road again. It could have been a disastrous experience but instead turned out to be quite wonderful!

There are three things I realized that made a huge difference in having a positive business trip experience: unpacking completely at each stop, making time to be a tourist, and indulging in the festivities but still keeping everything under control.

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Sochi 2014

After much delay, I’m happy to share with you a few pictures and stories from Sochi! On top of being at the Olympics, getting a new job (post coming soon!), and my computer dying for a few days, it’s been almost impossible to blog.

Sochi was a long, but incredibly fun month. I’ve been happily home for a couple of weeks now but can definitely say that I miss our cheery hotel staff and USA House front desk shenanigans.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from Sochi 2014. Click for larger versions!

The one thing Josh asked for from Russia is a big old furry hat - so I bought him this leather and raccoon beauty! We call it the "Coon Hat" (very original).
The “Coon Hat”

The one thing Josh asked for from Russia is a big old furry hat – so I bought him this leather and raccoon beauty! We call it the “Coon Hat” (very original).

Read  on for more of my pictures from Russia!

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New York, New York

It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks! In the midst of putting on this huge event in my department I was incredibly lucky to have attended the Sports Business Journal’s Game Changers conference, an event for women in sports. Not only did I get to know our Chief Marketing Officer, General Counsel, Chief of Operational Excellence (which is such a cool title), and Director of Training Sites and Partnerships better (such a crazy opportunity… and all those powerful people are women by the way), but I also met some of the other amazing women who were in attendance. One of our very own even won an award!

photo 1_2
Enjoying a croissant with apricot preserves and reading the Style section of the paper.

Read on for more highlights from my trip!

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