SS17 Workout Playlist

Since the weather is getting warmer (yay!), I’ll soon be spending more time outside wandering around Colorado’s countless paths, trails, and lakes. Which means it’s time for a new workout playlist! If you’re also looking to mix things up, here’s what you’ll probably find me listening to these next few months.



Gwyneth Paltrow Five Day Diet/Cleanse Review

Well, I did it! I (semi) successfully finished Gwyneth Paltrow’s movie star get-fit-quick plan.

Green Tea
My favorite green tea that I woke up to each morning.

I will say before I do my review that I had a small bowl of ice cream on Saturday – partially because I, believe it or not, forgot I was “cleansing” and partially because when I remembered I just really wanted ice cream – plus instead of either kombucha OR nuts, I ate both in the afternoon, and I added 1/2 a banana to my smoothie in the morning so I was eating a few more calories. I also didn’t make the soup because quite frankly I made it once before and remembered not loving it, so I substituted a low-carb dinner of any kind that fit within a 300-500 calorie range. For exercise I couldn’t get to a Zumba and barre class every day, so instead I made sure to do 45min of any cardio and some sort of barre-like toning exercises. This included doing spinning, running, yoga, and my own variations of leg lifts.

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